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As more millennials and digital natives grow into positions of B2B buying responsibility, the customer experience has taken on more and more attributes of B2C selling, including an emphasis on eCommerce and other emerging channels. This digital transformation is forcing teams to embrace new digitally enhanced selling motions for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers – and a new view of product content.

Make sure your team is ready to succeed in this brave new B2B world with this new webinar from Akeneo and featured guest Allen Bonde, Vice President & Research Director at Forrester. We’ll examine the state of omnichannel commerce in the B2B space, review Forrester’s new B2B marketplace research, and see how consumer-style experiences are shaping the future of B2B relationships. We’ll also explore the ways we see PIM breaking out of its operational roots to play a broader role in experience delivery.

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Speaker 1

Allen Bonde

Vice President & Research Director at Forrester

Allen leads Forrester’s research around the digital experience technology and services stack, focusing on the key strategies and building blocks for operationalizing high-impact, memorable customer interactions to drive growth, build loyalty, and meet accelerating market challenges. His team covers digital service providers, DX platforms, CMS and DAM, PIM, commerce suites, and core SaaS apps and enablers, and he is particularly interested in the role of design thinking, rich media, and AI-based automation in driving engagement and scale of customer-facing apps.

Speaker 2

John Evans

Product Marketing Director at Akeneo

John Evans leads product marketing at Akeneo. He is a veteran of the B2B marketing space, with more than 25 years of experience in master data management, business intelligence, and supply chain software. Prior to joining Akeneo, John started his career at Teradyne as a materials planner, where he quickly realized the importance of complete and comprehensive product information. He later ran marketing for the Kalido brand at Magnitude Software, and worked for large enterprises and startups including IBM, Oracle, Syncra Systems, and Comshare.

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