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Akeneo 2020 Global B2B survey

Welcome to the Akeneo Global B2B Survey 2020: The Rising Importance of Product Experience!
We set out to find out what the state of product information and product experience is in 2020 — so what did we learn?

Survey Synopsis

We learned that product information and product experience are considered the lifeblood of omnichannel businesses. We also found that the rewards of high-quality product information and product experience making these improvements could be significant.

A majority of respondents said a better product experience and higher-quality product information would increase sales conversions, as well as accelerate cross-sell and up-sell, increase shopping cart sizes and reduce returns.

However, we also found that the majority of organizations lack dedicated solutions for managing product datathis crucial data, showing that there is room for improvement when it comes to managing product information and delivering product experience.

Key Stats

And learn more about the top 5 challenges cited by the majority of the 1,600 practitioners.

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Akeneo Advice

If you are looking to help your B2B business realize the rewards of better product experiences and higher-quality product information, here are five key recommendations to improve customer satisfaction and your business results with an optimized product experience:

Akeneo Advice

Get key insights on each step you need to take to create compelling product experiences!

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Survey Methodology

To learn more about the state of B2B product information in 2020, Akeneo commissioned 3GEM Research who reached out to 1,600 product information management professionals from seven countries, including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, the U.K., and the U.S.

Our respondents came from industries including consumer goods, food and drink, retail, construction, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, and more, and included C-suite executives, marketing professionals, IT managers, and eCommerce experts.

The survey was conducted between March 4 and March 25, 2020.

Survey Methodology

eBook: “5 Takeaways of the Rising Important of Product Experience”

5 Takeaways of the Rising Important of Product Experience
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Download the Survey eBook

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